What's Upcat?

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What's Upcat?

Upcat on the BASE blockchain is an inventive project that taps into the popular phrase "what's updog" to bring both fun and utility to its users. Utilizing the cutting-edge technology of the BASE blockchain, the initiative aims to deliver an experience that is both smooth and captivating, by taking advantage of BASEChain's quick and efficient platform.

The group spearheading this project is dedicated to developing an interactive platform that leverages the viral nature of internet memes while also offering a novel approach for users to interact with blockchain technology. They place a strong emphasis on enhancing the user experience.


Imposing zero taxes on the coin means that transactions involving this cryptocurrency are not subject to any form of taxation, whether it be capital gains tax, transaction fees, or any other tax-related charges. This policy is designed to encourage more users to engage with and invest in the coin by removing financial barriers associated with tax obligations. It aims to foster a more attractive and accessible environment for both existing and potential investors in the cryptocurrency market.

Locking liquidity in the context of a cryptocurrency means the liquidity will be locked ensuring the safety of the coin

Renouncing ownership means that the creator of the coin will have no rights over the contract permanently, ensuring the total supply remains fixed.

Nothing to say much about the cat meta. What's UPCAT?